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Section 16: Innovations Which Detract

There is a programme afoot to dredge the whole system. This process is to improve water depth and quality and to remove weed growth. In view of this it is astounding that some body has been allowed TO PLANT weeds at various locations on the BCN

The BCN are a group of navigations which have been mercifully weed free.

This innovation not only looks a mess, it creates a navigational hazard, and detracts from the graceful dignity of the area.


On the newly restored Huddersfield Narrow canal, boxes of weeds have been planted in the way of access at the head of the lock. When they grow these will destroy the nice clean lines of this beautifully restored lock approach.


The railing too is badly designed, complete with all manner of knobs. It is also carried too far forward to the canal edge at the head of the lock, so restricting access to the lock by legitimate users.

Rising boards like this one found at Banbury are undesirable. This is a working canal system, not a theme park.
The towpath does not benefit from being littered with this type of structure. It only encourages vandalism.
Goodness knows what happened to this lock quadrant at Atherstone, but it has resulted in a nightmare of steps and walls for the lock operator to climb/trip over.