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Section 12: Newly Inbuilt Faults

Gate Collar. An extremely ugly new design, on the freshly restored section of the Chesterfield Canal, is also a trip hazard for the lock operator crossing the walkway
Gates on the Erewash Canal fitted without rising boards. Plenty of opportunity here for trapping the front fender. There are also protruding bolt heads on the inside of the top beam
A new fence, by what is presumably a public footpath. Increased hazard for the boater, tailor made for getting the front fender caught. There is a rising board here but it is not carried far enough up the gate.
Unbelievably, this set of gates does have the wooden fascia fitted for recessing the bolt heads into, but the bolt heads remain proud of this and have been capped over, thus defeating the whole object of the fascia boarding

A lockside is a WORK AREA and as such should not be cluttered up with garden seats, tubs of flowers, pub tables or anything else which impedes the free passage of the lock operator round the lockside.

It may make the lock look pretty, but it creates additional hazards

The lockside here at Barrow on Soar, is already narrow, the bollards and ladder take up more space. The additional plant pots are undesirable.