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Section 13: Towpaths

The ideal is shown here. The edge neatly trimmed, and looking attractive for both the boater and the towpath walker
Now an example of how it should NOT look. Wildly overgrown, it not only looks a mess but is dangerous to moor to


There should be nothing which impedes a rope placed between the towpath and the water.

  • Trees should not be allowed to take root on the verge at the water’s edge.
  • This makes it impossible to bowhaul the boat, should it be necessary (butties in particular)
  • They hamper the mowing of the edge
  • They damage the wash wall by ingress of roots
  • They deplete the water in the canal


The towpath here is quite tidy, but the canalscape would benefit from these messy reeds being dredged out, and that obstructing tree cut down.
Signs placed as this one on the Caldon Canal cause similar obstruction