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Willow Wren

1953-63 - Willow Wren Canal Carrying Company bought motor and butty boats that had originally been built for other canal carrying companies and re-named many of them after birds. 

1963-70 - Willow Wren Canal Transport Services took on most of the 1953-63 fleet and hired additional boats from British Waterways, generally not re-named.

1964 - Willow Wren Hire Cruisers, based at Rugby Wharf, took CRANE, SANDPIPER, TERN and WARBLER and hired them out as campers, GREBE was converted to a hire cruiser and WATER OUZEL became a trip boat.

Photos from the Jim Payler collection


C&C - Cowburn & Cowper
Erewash - Erewash Canal Carrying Co
FMC - Fellows, Morton & Clayton
GUCCC - Grand Union Canal Carrying Co
LMS - London, Midland & Scottish Railway Co

Willow Wren CCC boats 1953-63:

Name   Date Bought   Former Name   Built for  
Warbler   Dec-53   Libra   GUCCC  
Wagtail   Jan-54   Freda   FMC  
Shoveller   Jan-54   Bascote   FMC  
Redshank   Feb-54   Reading   GUCCC  
Greenshank   Feb-54   Bawtry   GUCCC  
Mallard   Feb-54   Elm   Erewash  
Kingfisher   Feb-54   Florence   FMC  
Quail   Oct-54   Quail   FMC  
Pullet   Oct-54   Antelope   H Sabey  
Sandpiper   Oct-54   Falcon   FMC  
Moorhen   Oct-54   Briar   FMC  
Bittern   Oct-54   Lion   FMC  
Crane   Oct-54   Crane   FMC  
Tern   Oct-54   Emu   FMC  
Grebe   Oct-54   Antelope   FMC  
Avocet   Oct-54   Raven   FMC  
Teal   Jan-55   Minnie   C&C  
Snipe   Jan-55   Kildare   FMC  
Heron   Jul-55   Caleb   LMS  
Kestrel   Jun-56   Triagulum   GUCCC  
Dabchick   Jul-57   Norah   LMS  
Swan   Oct-57   Dunstable   GUCCC  
Cygnet   Aug-58   Gladys   C&C  
Egret   Jun-59   Mimas   GUCCC  
Coot   Jun-59   Ursa   GUCCC  
Bunting   Jan-60   Dudley   GUCCC  
Godswall   Jan-60   Denton   GUCCC  
Dunlin   Jan-60   Hadfield   GUCCC  
Drake   Jan-60   Taunton   GUCCC  
Smew   Jan-60   Norton   GUCCC  
Elton   Jan-60   Elton   GUCCC  
Curlew   Dec-61   Seaford   GUCCC  
Otley   Dec-61   Otley   GUCCC  
Dipper   Dec-61   Bristol   GUCCC  
Rail   Dec-61   Hadley   GUCCC  
Buckden   Dec-61   Buckden   GUCCC  
Flamingo   Dec-61   Letchworth   GUCCC  
Widgeon   Dec-61   Thaxted   GUCCC  
Gainsborough   Dec-61   Gainsborough   GUCCC