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Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 HNBC Awards!

The winners were announced at the Club's Annual General Meeting on Saturday 2 March 2024 at Whittington, nr Lichfield

and the trophies were presented by author and artist Tony Lewery

for the iron/steel/composite narrow boat that has been the most improved during the year


 Congratulations to owner Tim von Nardroff and Brinklow Boat Services.

The trophy was presented to Paul Graves (Brinklow Boat Services) by Tony Lewery.


for the wooden narrow boat that has been the most improved during the year 


Congratulations to owners The Spey Crowd for many years of continuous maintenance.

The trophy was presented to Ian McCarthy by Tony Lewery.  


Paul Graves receiving the trophy 



 Ian McCarthy receiving the trophy

The Club makes two Awards - usually annually - to persons or bodies, not necessarily members or the craft's owners, who have made distinctive progress in the restoration of an historic boat. The trophies are presented at the following year's Annual General Meeting.  

CLOSING DATE FOR THE 2024 AWARDS:   30 September 2024.

Here are the Nomination forms: PDF document or Word document. The terms of entry are on page 2 of each version.

Please return completed forms to the Awards Officer on

Lists of winners of the Hemelryk Award and the Keay Award.