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Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 HNBC Hemelryk and Keay Awards.

Unfortunately, we could not present the trophies on Saturday 7 March 2020 as the AGM was postponed, but we will get them to the winners as soon as possible.




 Congratulations to owner Dawn Tigwell who did so much of the restoration work herself, with help from Dave Linney from Industry Narrowboats 

The trophy was presented to Dawn by David Daines (HNBC Awards Officer) at Stoke Bruerne museum.

(pic by Kathryn Dodignton)

[Participants below were checked into the museum following CRT's COVID-19 guidelines. They removed their face coverings briefly for the photo opportunity.]




Congratulations to The Spey Crowd for their continuous maintenance and restoration work over many years. 

The trophy was presented to the team by Phil Prettyman (HNBC Chairman) while Spey was on the dry dock at Northwich undergoing more continuous maintenance.

[The presentation was completed pre-COVID-19 lockdown, early March 2020]


 Hemelryk award Canis Major

L-R: Dave Linney, John Harmon (former owner), Dawn Tigwell, David Daines, Louise Stockwin (CRT Museum Manager)


  Presentation of Keay trophy 

Highly commended


Congratulations to National Waterways Museum for the restoration work on this butty, carried out by Ade Polglase and his team at A P Boatbuilding


 Presentation of Keay trophy

The Club makes two Awards - usually annually - to persons or bodies, not necessarily members or the craft's owners, who have made distinctive progress in the restoration of an historic boat.  The trophies are presented at the following year's Annual General Meeting.  

CLOSING DATE FOR THE 2020 AWARDS:   30 November 2020.

Here are the Nomination forms: PDF document or Word document. The terms of entry are on page 2 of each version.

Lists of winners of the Hemelryk Award and the Keay Award.