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Representation on national groups

Club members attend several national and local meetings and make sure that heritage and historic issues are identified and discussed.

CRT's Council and Regional Advisory Boards - several club members, in their own right, are elected/nominated members of CRT's Council, or nominated members of Regional Advisory  Boards, Navigation Advisory Group,  Freight Advisory Group, Heritage Advisory Group.

CRT's National Users' Forum (NUF) - the aim of the Forum is to keep the principal users of the waterways up-to-date with strategic developments within the Trust and an additional way for national bodies to feedback on issues of national importance to their members.  It meets twice a year, usually in February and September.

CRT's Local User Groups - CRT’s Regional Managers usually call twice-yearly meetings in their areas and invite local groups/businesses with an interest in any aspect of canals.  HNBC Area Reps attend these meetings and report back to the Committee.

Freight by water - club members sit on the committee of CBOA, and also on the IWA's Inland Waterways Freight Group

NINF – National Inland Navigation Forum - this is a semi-formal meeting of representatives of boating organisations across the national network (not just CRT waterways).  It is a useful forum to share concerns and strategies outside CRT meetings.

EA's NNUF - National Navigation Users' Forum - the Environment Agency organises this forum to meet representatives of boating orgainsations.

There's a useful list of abbreviations on the Inland Waterways Association's website.

[APPGW – All-Party Parliamentary Group for the WaterwaysThis is an official All-Party Group of the House of Commons. It is made up of Peers and MPs of all parties and its purpose is "to consider matters relating to the system of navigable rivers and canals in the UK, estuaries and lakes upon which boating takes place, and associated activities.  The coast and open sea are specifically excluded from the interests of the group."  This Group used to have Associate members, of which HNBC was one, but this changed.]