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Day boats

Day boats were built by several boatyards - for example Bantocks, Harris Bros - and are variously described as day boats, joey boats and Bantock boats. There is more information about the Bantock company here.

Bantocks both built boats and operated them as agents for the GWR.  Some boats were owned by GWR and some by Bantocks but using a combined fleet numbering scheme.  Thus Nos 1-4 were GWR, No 5 Bantock, No 6 GWR, No 7 Bantock, Nos 8-9 GWR, etc. The company also built boats for carriers other than GWR and LMS. These would effectively be day/joey boats but were built exactly the same as the railway fleet, and had a rather distinctive rounded bow shape.  Early Bantock boats are also distinguishable by the bottom wooden strake in addition to the wooden bottom, and although most have had the wooden strake replaced in steel, the knees retain the give-away joggle where the wooden plank went.  Later Bantocks were all iron.  I believe the BCN plates on Bantock boats were generally fitted on a wooden beam rather than the more usual practice of riveting to the hull, which is why so many have lost their original identity.  Since many were iron, and with relatively pleasing lines, a high proportion have survived. (Richard Booth, Club Archivist)

More joey/day boats are listed in the Other Carriers section if they were a known part of a fleet, for example T & S Elements.

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