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CRT to auction canal artefacts on eBay

During November and early December the Canal & River Trust is auctioning over 100 items of waterways memorabilia.

The memorabilia came to light when a trawl to identify important canal artefacts and documents hidden away in the Trust’s yards across the South East also turned up memorabilia which may be of interest to canal lovers. None of the items have been assessed as being suitable to add to the Trust’s national collection. 

Weil's Disease - HNBC leaflet could be a lifesaver

Most boaters have heard of Weil’s Disease  – the common name for Leptospirosis.  It’s a bacterial infection mainly transmitted through rats’ urine, which makes boaters, particularly on canals, especially vulnerable.  Sufferers can make a complete recovery if treated quickly, but the disease can be fatal if left untreated.

The problem is that symptoms can easily be mistaken for those of flu and can be missed even by medical professionals if they’re not looking for them.