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Weil's Disease - HNBC leaflet could be a lifesaver

Most boaters have heard of Weil’s Disease  – the common name for Leptospirosis.  It’s a bacterial infection mainly transmitted through rats’ urine, which makes boaters, particularly on canals, especially vulnerable.  Sufferers can make a complete recovery if treated quickly, but the disease can be fatal if left untreated.

The problem is that symptoms can easily be mistaken for those of flu and can be missed even by medical professionals if they’re not looking for them. 

After a crew member on an historic boat caught Weil’s disease – he has since made a full recovery – the club decided to produce a handy card that anyone can carry in a pocket or keep on their boat.  It gives details in straightforward language of the risks of Weil’s Disease, precautions that can be taken to avoid it, and the symptoms to look out for.  Most importantly, it has a section which people can show to their doctor, if they are experiencing any of the symptoms and believe they may have been exposed to the disease.

The card has been distributed to club members and extra copies are available from the Secretary (please send sae). 

You can read the information on the Downloads page on the Links menu.