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Originally intended GUCCC pairing with butty 249, Carina.

1947 - sold to Mr E Worsey, Wednesbury, Staffs for £465. Used for towing day boats.

1953 - became Willow Wren's first operational motor boat and re-named Warbler.

1972 - sold by Willow Wren to its present owners and paired again with its GUCCC butty Carina from 1987 until late 1990s. 

Originally fitted with a Russell Newberry DM2, a 15hp Bolinder was installed in 1953 when it was carrying, then the present 23hp Bolinder 1052 was installed when it became a "camper" in 1964.

Still known by its Willow Wren name and is now in 1950s Willow Wren livery.