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Audlem Festival of Transport

We’d like to welcome you and your historic boat(s) to the Audlem Festival of Transport, above lock 13 of the Audlem flight on the Shroppie, on Sunday 31 July – if you are not going to the IWA “National” at Burton upon Trent. 

This is a free day out for everyone!  Around 300 old cars, lorries and motor bikes on the playing field just above the canal, and a selection of historic boats moored up in the “town pound” outside the Shroppie Fly and Audlem Mill.  The vehicle event is being organised by ASET, the Audlem Special Events Team.  Further information at 

Boats believed to be coming so far include Saturn (the last remaining Shroppie fly-boat), three ex-FMC steamers (The King, Viceroy, Victory), Thea, Plover, and others. But there’s room, or we’ll make room, for more.  So please do come! 

We always lay on a free BBQ at Audlem Mill for boat crews on the evening before the event (but bring your own drinks).  Audlem Wharf has water and a sanitary station, and there are three pubs within crawling distance. 

Whilst there’s no official booking or forms, we do need to know shortly if you can come, as there’s local publicity, programmes, catering for the BBQ etc. to plan for.  Please let us know soon if you can come.  We’d love to see you.  (Boat bookings via us, please,not via the ASET website.)

Please ring Peter or Chris at Audlem Mill on 01270 811059 or email them on