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Wooden tank horse boat built for Chance & Hunt Ltd, Oldbury in 1924 named CRESCENT, Fleet No 8, registered in Birmingham and gauged BCN, all in 1924.

Chance & Hunt became a subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries (General Chemicals) Ltd in 1929 and a division of ICI Mond in 1939.

1949 - sold to Thomas Clayton (Oldbury) Ltd, renamed CONWAY, Fleet No 19. One of 15 boats taken over from ICI.

1968 - sold and largely rebuilt with a full length cabin, shortened to 57ft and fitted with a motor stern by Allen’s of Oldbury.

By 2007 the cabin had been removed and the boat remained deconverted with just a small stern cabin for several years

2016 - still fitted with a small cabin


(NB Claytons had two earlier boats also named CONWAY, built in 1878 and 1811.)



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