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The North

1925-37 - Full length horse boat, registered at Wolverhampton and on BCN as North. Note that on the BCN Gauging Table the boat’s name is given as The North whereas on the Wolverhampton Register it is simply given as North.

1934 - Sold/transferred to Noah Hingley & Sons, Dudley (the parent company of Midlands & Coast).

1937 - Converted by Harris Bros of Netherton to 44ft tug, Crown. Engine used was a 2 cyl. 30 hp Petter semi diesel. 

1957 - Converted to pleasure boat by M E Braine and renamed Lion. 

1973-2010 - Was named Lion for many years and in one ownership.

1977 - Lengthened to 60ft

1989 - Lengthened to 70ft

2011 - Midlands & Coast livery and name has reverted to The North.