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1926                Iron composite motor boat

1927-1938        Leased to John Dickinson & Co Ltd and painted in their colours

30/5/1932        Gauged GJC No 12327

1/1/1949          Purchased by BTC (D&IWE), SE Division fleet, Fleet No 216

1/10/1953        Passed to BTC (BTW)

1958/9             Boat chopped in two:

Bow section (36ft) converted to hire cruiser, WATER name unknown

                        Nothing is known of its subsequent history until:

1978                Now moored on the Macclesfield Canal

c1988-9           Rebuilt as 57ft pleasure boat with motor boat counter and traditional style cabin

Stern section (34ft) converted to 34ft pusher tug, still named JACKAL, with Lister HB2 engine

1/1/1963          Passed to BWB

1975                Sold to Union Canal Carriers, Braunston

                        Lengthened to 50ft and bow section from ex-FMC butty JOHN fitted

1977                Sold to private ownership

1984                Lengthened to 70ft

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