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The first BRENTFORD in the FMC listing was an ex-Fellows Morton & Co horse boat built in 1879 and sold to William Hunt & Sons Ltd in 1906.

The boat in the photograph on this page, taken by Mr Eric Kewley at Cosgrove c1924, is the second one in the list, a wooden horse boat built at Saltley in 1902 - which seems slightly odd as it means both boats were in the fleet together for 4 years, so there is a possibility that one of these dates is incorrect.  This BRENTFORD was sold to The Boots Pure Drug Company at Nottingham in 1928. (The Boots name was changed to The Boots Company Limited in 1971)

NB When the remains of an iron FMC horse boat were grafted on the fore end of JENNY, the owner established the possibility that it was BRENTFORD and renamed the boat accordingly.  However, this is very unlikely as BRENTFORD was a wooden boat. There is a boat at Aylesbury with an FMC fore-end called BRENTFORD but it is not the one in this photograph.