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1898 - constructed as an iron composite steamer.

21/5/1915        Converted to motor boat, with Bolinder 15hp E type engine, at Saltley Dock, and renamed BRITON

28/7/1924        Gauged BCN No 895

12/9/1924        Gauged GJC No 12119

1/1947             Sold to J Dean & Sons Ltd

1951                Sold to Alfred Matty & Sons Ltd, Coseley, renamed SILVER ANN (or Sally Ann as a nickname, which caused it to be mis-identified as another ex-steamer, Sultan).

6/6/1951          Gauged BCN No 2348

c1970?            Sold to private ownership, renamed SULTAN following misidentification

by 2000          On bank at Industry Narrowboats, Stretton, derelict and cut into several parts

2001              Identified as BARONESS

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