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Waterways Journal - Volume 14

Spring 2012:

The Wolverhampton Corrugated Iron Company of Ellesmere Port: Cath Turpin
Chester & Liverpool Lighterage & Warehousing Company: Alan Faulkener
Rover Scouts’ Cruises on Tangmere 1993 and 1934: Alan Jones
The Draper Family of Burscough and Foulridge: Mike Clarke & Timothy J Peters
The Chew family – a follow-up by Chew family members with Cath Turpin


Waterways Journal - Volume 15

Spring 2013:

Tugs of the “Norwich River:” Mike Stammers
The Ralph Brocklebank & its conversion to Daniel Adamson: Tony Hirst
Norman Anglin, predecessor to L T C Rolt, 1925-1944: Joseph Boughey
The Griffiths Family – Boatmen, canal carriers, boat builders, publicans, farmers & shopkeepers: Eileen Coulter
Ship & Boat Building at Ellesmere Port, a history: Terry Kavanagh


Waterways Journal - Volume 17


John Fletcher of Chester: Peter Brown
Sea Routes to Wolverhampton: The iron ore traffic... Cumbria to...the West Midlands: Peter Sandbach
The story of Charlotte Ethel Parkes: Mrs Harley
Postcript on Shropshire Union Pleasure Boating : Joseph Boughey
Fire Boats on the Inland Waterways in WW2: Cath Turpin


Waterways Journal - Volume 18


Construction & Engineering Staff on the L&LC: Mike Clarke
Amaryllis & the rise of Pleasure Boating on Britain's Canals: Joseph Boughey
The British Ambulance Flotillas of the Great War: David Long
Commercial Steam on Inland Waterways: Tery Kavanagh
Kingsholm & Ilesha - a correction: Cath Turpin


Waterways Journal - Volume 20

2018: Traffic on the Upper Dee: Terry Kavanagh. Nationalisation and Inland Waterways: Joseph Boughey. British Waterways’ early involvement in leisure craft: Cath Turpin. The Development of the Waterways Archive at Ellesmere Port: Cath Turpin. The Big Lift: Barry Green