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11/1906          Completed with experimental suction gas engine by Crossleys of Manchester

27/11/1908     Registered at Birmingham No 1207 (described as steamer)

11/1910          Converted to steamer at Saltley Dock

25/11/1910     Re-Registered at Birmingham No 1226

4/9/1927         Converted to motor boat, with Bolinder 15hp BM type engine, at Uxbridge Dock

15/4/1932       Re-Registered at Birmingham No 1538

11/8/1943       Gauged BCN No 2167

9/1947             Sold without engine to Ernest Thomas, Walsall, fleet no 17

9/6/1948         Gauged BCN No 2286

1953                Hull donated to Wolverhampton Federation of Boy’s Clubs, full length cabin and BMC Commodore engine fitted, and renamed ERNEST THOMAS

c1970              Sold to private ownership, name reverted to VULCAN

1980                Lister JP2 engine fitted

                        Steamer-style cabin and under-cloth cabin conversion fitted