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15/3/1938       Converted from horse boat to motor boat by W J Yarwood & Sons Ltd, Northwich (part of Yard No 626), with Bolinder 9hp BM type engine, Fleet No 341

27/5/1938       Registered at Birmingham No 1616

27/5/1938       Gauged BCN No 2020

30/7/1949       Purchased by BTC (D&IWE), NW Division fleet

1952                Used in short-lived experimental scheme for holidaymakers to run a cargo boat to overcome crew shortages

1953                Sold to Charles Ballinger, Gloucester.  Renamed SUSAN, AS2 engine fitted

1958                Sold to Kennet Carrying Co Ltd, converted to 52-seat passenger boat by Willow Wren and renamed ENTERPRISE

1962                Subcontracted to Willow Wren Canal Carrying Co as carrying boat

c1964              Sold to Union Canal Carriers, Braunston, used mainly as camping boat

1970s              Name reverted to KIMBERLEY

1997                Sold to private ownership, half length cabin fitted

2010                Under-cloth conversion fitted to front half of the boat