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30/7/1949       Purchased by BTC (D&IWE), SE Division fleet

1/10/1953       Passed to BTC (BTW) 

1959               Cut into two boats, the bow of what is almost definitely Kestrel formed part of Water Lily, stern remained as Kestrel.

FORE END      Converted to hire cruiser and renamed WATER LILY (Water Lily was thought at one time to be part of FMC Ostrich.)

1/1/1963         Passed to BWB

1979                Sold to private ownership, later rebuilt as 48ft cruiser with conventional counter stern and cabin

Index No:        60264

NHS No:         Not registered

Engine:           Not known

STERN END    Converted to 45ft tug, still named KESTREL

1/1/1963         Passed to BWB

2004                Sold to private ownership via Harral Brokerage, Wincham Wharf

NOTE There are other ex-working boats named Kestrel - see GUCCC butty Triagulum and FMC Ostrich