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1948                Steel composite motor boat

1/1/1949          Purchased by BTC (D&IWE), SE Division fleet

3/1951             Commissioned after delayed fitting out at FMC Uxbridge Dock, having been completed by D&IWE, Fleet No 240

17/4/1951        Registered at Uxbridge No 601

                        Not Gauged by BCN or GJC

1/10/1953        Passed to BTC (BTW)

1959                Chopped in two after only 8 years’ service:

Bow section converted (at Gloucester?) to 41ft hire cruiser, and named WATER LUPIN

1979 - Sold into private ownership

1990 - Lengthened to 70ft, still retaining BTW-style cruiser cabin

2012/13 - Restored with new replica riveted steel stern as cargo carrying boat, name reverted to GORSE

Stern section left on Cowley tip until bought by Willow Wren Hire Cruisers Ltd in 1964

1966 - Converted into 46ft hire cruiser named IBIS

1974 - Sold to private ownership

c1977 - New tug-style cabin fitted by Braunston Boats

1981 - Name reverted to GORSE