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Sold by FMC in 1929. Named Elizabeth in 1936 and mahogony and iroko full length cabin added, mostly original to this day.

Elizabeth was a horse boat until 1928, then towed on the Trent 1928-1935.  Had a barge counter 1936-38 and a narrow boat counter from 1938 onwards. Double steel bottom added in 2002.

Propulsion was by sail and engine from 1936: Thorneycroft Handy Billy (paraffin) 1936-38, Highlander (paraffin) 1938-68, Lister SR3 1968-76, FRZ 1978-88, Gardner 2LW from 1988 to present.

Until 1928, was a coke boat for FMC from Nechells Gas Works to Saltley to supply FMC steamers.  1928-1934 was a gravel boat on the Trent for Robert Teal Gravel Co.

Currently 61'9" and with same owner since 1966.