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9/1946             Wooden motor boat

1/1/1949          Purchased by BTC (D&IWE), NW Division fleet

1/10/1953        Passed to BTC (BTW)

1/1/1963          Passed to BWB

                        Transferred to maintenance fleet by 1965

1965                Sold to Seymour-Roseblade Ltd, Leicester, Fleet No 5

by 1968           Sold to Leicester Canal Transport

1971                Sold to Chas Hardern Boats, Beeston, and operated mainly as a camping boat

1978                Sold to North Western Museum of Inland Navigation, Ellesmere Port

1997                Transferred to Boat Museum Trust

by 2002          Unfortunately allowed to deteriorate over many years and having been sunk since about 1995, the boat was craned out onto the bank awaiting decision on its future

2009                Chopped about 10ft forward of the engine room and the front portion broken up

1/2020             Transferred to Saltisford Canal Trust, Warwick