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Part of the Midland and Coast fleet, Ariel was passed to FMC in 1938. There is another Ariel, ex GUCCC wooden butty.

Ariel was cut into two boats during the British Waterways maintenance days, in the late 1960's. Both halves were kept in the maintenance fleet but the fore end half eventually sank on the River Weaver and was cut up.

The stern half was purchased by Ed Mortimer and was further cut. The middle section of the back end was made into a 50ft boat with an under cloth conversion after having a new counter and fore end. The original back end was made into a 50ft tug. The steel work was carried out by Graeme Pearce at Stockton Dry Dock with the woodwork being done by Rex Wain at Brinklow Boat Services.

More information and photos can be found on the owner's website.