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1935                Part of the Midlands & Coast fleet, Ariel was sold to FMC in 1938.

(There is another Ariel, ex GUCCC wooden butty.)

1/7/1938          Sold to Fellows, Morton & Clayton Ltd, Fleet No 351

1/1/1949          Purchased by BTC (D&IWE), NW Division fleet

1/10/1953        Passed to BTC (BTW)

                        Was not re-registered at Northwich in 1958, therefore presumably already transferred to maintenance fleet

1/1/1963          Passed to BWB

By 1966           Ariel was cut into two boats during the British Waterways maintenance days, in the late 1960's.

Both halves were kept in the maintenance fleet. 

Stern-end converted to tug named ARIEL I

                        c1992: Sold into private ownership

                        1993: The boat was further chopped and then made into two boats at Warwickshire Flyboat Co, Stockton:

The middle section of the back end was made into a 45ft pleasure boat, ARIEL, with an under cloth conversion after having a new counter and fore end.

Index No: 517021      Engine: Ruston Hornsby 2YWA                       

The original back end was made into a 51ft tug, ARIEL. The steel work was carried out at Stockton Dry Dock with the woodwork being done at Brinklow Boat Services

Index: 48640       NHS No: 2356         Engine: Lister HA2M

Fore-end converted to an unpowered work boat named ARIEL II

                        Eventually sank on River Weaver and was scrapped in 1980

More information and photos can be found on the stern-end owner's website.