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Welded all steel butty boat 71’6” x 7’0”

Built EC Jones & Son (Brentford) Ltd

12/1960 Delivered to British Transport Waterways, SE Division Carrying Fleet

1/1/1962 Transferred to British Waterways Board

Mid 1960s Used at Sutton Stop as houseboat for former boatmen

5/1971 Sold to private ownership. Converted to motor boat by Braunston Boats Ltd, and hired to Union Canal Carriers Ltd, Braunston, as camping boat

1978-80 Hired to Verlinde Hoists Ltd as exhibition boat, possibly renamed PANTHER

1984 Completely gutted by fire, sold in derelict condition; rebuilt as motor carrying boat and paired with River Class AXE

1993 Sold to private ownership and full length cabin conversion fitted