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General Data Protection Regulations 2018

General Data Protection Regulations 2018

The GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018 and is about how personal data is handled and how the club sends you any marketing material. Marketing is said to include anything that encourages supporters to provide support for an organisation.


  • The new rules require organisations to seek consent to contact individuals and to ask them to opt-in to receive marketing information.
  • However,  GDPR also mentions  “legitimate interest”  which covers communications necessary for the ordinary running of the club, eg membership subscriptions, notices of meetings, agenda, minutes, the Newsletter, changes to dates and locations of meetings. The club will not seek opt-in consent for these types of contact.
  • We do have to seek consent to send the Newsletter electronically and we shall email those members who choose to have it delivered in this way.

Information for HNBC Members

We also need to be sure that you know how we collect, store and use information about you, and the following is a summary:

1. What information will the club send me?

  • We will send you a printed Newsletter, notices of meeting for the Annual General Meeting, AGM minutes and yearly approved accounts, forms for nominations for the Keay and Hemelryk Awards, updates on changes to dates/locations of meetings.
  • We will also send you, by post or by email, reminders when your subscription to the club falls due.
  • We will not send you direct marketing material.

2.  How does the club collect information about me?

  • The club uses the information you supply on its membership application forms, either pre-printed forms or downloadable forms from its website.  Your record will be updated only when you send additional information, information from third parties is not accepted. No other method is used to collect information about you.
  • The completed printed forms are held securely by the Membership Secretary.

3. What information does the club hold about me?

  • We store your name and address, together with your email address and telephone numbers if you have supplied them,  also the names of your boat(s). We also store information about subscription dates, subscriptions due and membership numbers. For joint memberships, we store both names separately.
  • We will not share your data nor supply your data to third parties.

4. Where is this data stored?

  • We keep the data on an on-line database, held on a secure server maintained by the club’s Webmaster.
  • Access is by a verified password which gives different levels of access according to the role of the person.

5. Who has access to my data?

  • The Membership Secretary and the Webmaster have full access to the on-line database for updating records and maintenance. The Web Content Editor also has access in order to deputise for the Membership Secretary if required.
  • The Newsletter Editor and the Shop Organiser are able to look at the data (to check addresses for the Newsletter and to determine discounts for members) but are not able to amend it.
  • Other committee members may read the data but not amend it.
  • All access to the on-line database is password controlled.

6. Can I see and amend my data or have it removed from the database?

Yes, of course – just contact the Membership Secretary about any of the following:

  • Accessing your personal data – ask us for a copy of your data.
  • Updating your personal data – tell us what needs to be changed.
  • Deleting your personal data (your right to be forgotten) – ask us to delete your personal information
  • Removing consent – you can change your mind about the consent you give us to contact you

 A full written record will be kept of actions taken in response to your requests.

7. How long will the club keep my data?

  • The club will keep data about you while you remain a paid-up subscriber.
  • If you resign from the club, or your membership expires, the club will keep your data for two years in case you wish to re-subscribe.
  • After two years, the club will keep a record of your name and membership number, but no other details, for archive purposes and for re-use should you wish to re-join at a later date and re-use your old membership number.