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One of four boats (Dart, Don, Dane, Dove) bought from Severn & Canal (MV2, Dee/MV6, Bath/MV7, Aldersley/MV8)

Originally a wooden horse boat, Dee, built by Severn & Canal Carrying Co at Stourport 10/1910, fleet No 10. Registered Gloucester No 449 on 27/10/1910. Gauged BCN No 21179 on 5/11/1910

10/1932 - Converted to motor boat, became MV6, the original stern was retained as the bow of the motor boat, bow replaced with new counter stern. Registered at Gloucester No 522 on 16/12/1932. Gauged BCN No 1771 on 18/3/1933

1/1948 - Sold to Thomas Clayton (Oldbury) Ltd.

6/1949 - Converted to oil boat, renamed DON, fleet No 1. Registered Oldbury No 22 on 2/6/1949, kept same BCN no.

1962 - Sold by Claytons and converted to a pleasure boat.

2015 - in Severn & Canal livery again.