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1908               Iron composite horse boat

27/6/1938       Converted to motor boat by W J Yarwood & Sons Ltd, Northwich (part of Yard No 626), with Bolinder 9hp BM type engine, Fleet No 345

4/11/1938       Registered at Birmingham No 1621

4/1/1939         Gauged BCN No 2053

30/7/1949       Purchased by BTC (D&IWE), NW Division fleet. Subsequent history is sparse.  It would appear to have been transferred to the maintenance fleet by 1958.  At some stage, the original bow was cut off, probably replaced by a square punt-style front

by 1975           Sold to Peter Froud, Preston Brook, and the bow replaced by that from GAMBIA, and possibly renamed GAMBERIA

by 1979           Sold to Warwickshire Fly Boat Co, converted to skippered charter cruise boat, and renamed GAMBIA

                       [Note: WFBC had another boat called SIBERIA, converted from a BCN day boat, and was normally paired with GAMBIA!]

by 2010           Derelict and on the bank at Industry Narrowboats