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Russia (Mullet?)

Unknown Yarwood-built FMC motor boat, which incorporates the bow section of an unknown Yarwood-built LMS day boat.

Possible original identities are MULLET (built 1934) or SKATE (built 1936).  Boat information shown assumes the former. Both boats were converted to “gunniting” boats in the 1960s by chopping off the bows and replacing them with a square punt-style front.  Both were eventually sold to Alan (Caggy) Stevens, Tipton in the 1970s.  It is generally understood that one was scrapped and the other became RUSSIA (but see also AQUARIUS).

There is a view that the more likely original name is MULLET.  This is based on the fact that it was seen to have the letters “LE” visible on the bow when it was at Caggy’s yard, but is not conclusive proof as to its identity.

When the boat was converted to a pleasure boat, the chopped off bow was replaced with the bow section of a former LMS boat, the identity of which is also unknown.