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Built FMC Saltley Sept 1905 as iron composite steamer, fleet number 105, registered Birmingham No 1157 on 19/9/1905.  Gauged Grand Junction No 11692 on 27/3/1911.  (Not gauged for BCN as steamer.)

Converted to motor boat June 1924, retained fleet number 105.  Registered Birmingham No 1539 on 15/4/1932, gauged BCN No 1065 on 9/7/1925 and Grand Junction No 12157 on 30/11/1926.

Sold to Samuel Barlow Coal Co May 1942, fleet number 45.  Registered Daventry No 524 on 2/6/1942m retained same gauging numbers.

Sold to Warwickshire Canal Carrying Co Feb 1955 and renamed DIAMOND, re-registered Coventry No 549 on 3/2/1955.

Sold to Gilbert Bros 1964, who shortened it to 57ft for the Clegg family in 1965.

2009-12 Extensive restoration work by private owner.

2012 Winner of the HNBC Hemelryk Award.