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George and Mary


By Alan H Faulkner

A history of the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company

The 3rd book in the Robert Wilson series.
First published 1973. Revised and extended edition 2009.

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David Daines writes:

I’m sure just about every Club member has a copy of this invaluable and frankly indispensable little book, published by Robert Wilson as part of a series. I have at least 2 copies certainly, one at home and one on the boat, I can’t imagine being without it. The ‘Fleet Lists’ alone in this, and in the other books in the series, are worth their weight in gold. The various books in the series come and go in print, I don’t think I can remember a time when all were available at one time, I always advise anyone new to them to snap up any they see without hesitation.

Well, I recently gave a short talk on ‘Historic Boats’ for the ‘Friends of the Museum’ at Stoke Bruerne and, discussing it with Louise at the museum the following day, I referred to information gleaned from the book. Louise fetched a copy of the recently re-printed George and Mary from the shop and remarked upon the new picture on the cover.

I casually flicked through the book and noticed one or two new pictures that were definitely not in my editions. I turned to the fleet lists and immediately bought the new book! There were additional pages giving expanded information on the schedule of boat deliveries and the disposal and fate of the boats. The fleet lists have this ‘fate’ information in an additional column. I went on to re-read the main text and found a very significant re-write of the information presented. There is even a section about the Erewash Canal Carrying Co. and their fleet, and a mention of Cyprus. Well, that settled it I had to have it. On checking I found that there are now 48 pages replacing the 32 of the previous edition.

I thoroughly recommend the purchase of this new enhanced edition of this invaluable book and I will carefully check new editions of the other ‘Wilson’ books just in case any further improved re-prints appear.