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Vote for Phil, Eric and Ian!

Are you a private boater or a C&RT volunteer? You should soon receive an email inviting you to vote for a representative to sit on C&RT's Council. HNBC has no allocated seat on the Council, so we urge you to cast your vote for a club member:

  • Phil Prettyman and Eric McDowall in the Private Boating category (34 candidates, 4 places)
  • Ian McCarthy in the Volunteer category (8 candidates, 2 places)

Cllick here for information on our club members and here for information on all the other candidates.

Voting opens on 20 January 2020 and closes on 14 February 2020, with the results announced on 17 February 2020. 

Voting will be done online and you should receive an email from CES with instructions on how to cast your vote. The election is by single transferable vote (SVT) where you rank your preferred candidates (1, 2, 3 etc). The candidate with the lowest number of 1st choices is eliminated and their 2nd choice votes are re-allocated. This continues until one candidate receives 50% of the votes cast and the process continues in the same way until all posts are filled. The order is therefore very important and the club urges you to place club candidates 1 and 2 in the Private Boating election and 1 in the Volunteers election.

C&RT Council meets twice a year. It has 10 elected members, 12 members nominated by various outside organisations and 6 ex-officio chairs of C&RT’s Regional Advisory Boards. Of the 12 nominating organisations, only 3 have obvious historic or canal backgrounds – IWA, Institute of Historic Buildings Conservation, Railway & Canal Historical Society – so it’s really important that we back candidates in the upcoming election who support HNBC’s aims.

HNBC is not one of the organisations with a nominated candidate, so the club has to rely on the elections to ensure a presence on Council. Being on the Council means that our voice can be heard and our priorities can be raised at the highest level. It gives us access to the senior management and trustees. In addition, the 6 boating reps (private and business), usually meet 4 times a year and discuss issues such as dredging, vegetation, licensing, moorings, pinch points, historic structures, red diesel and engine emissions so that we speak from a shared viewpoint.