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Too Many Boats

By Robert J Wilson

A history of British Waterways' narrow boat carrying fleets.

The 13th book in the Robert Wilson series.
Published 1980.


Troubled Waters

By Margaret Cornish

In this book the author describes the Ministry Of War Transport scheme under which women ‘off the land’ were recruited to crew canal boats. Writing many years later, Margaret Cornish was able to give a more balanced description of this scheme than earlier writers.


Twilight Years of Narrow Boat Carrying

Photographs from the Mike Webb Collection

Mike Webb's interest in cargo carrying started at an early age, whilst still at school in Brewood.His canal photography began in the 1960s when he bought his first camera.


Waterways Journal - Volume 01

May 1999:

Steam and Diesel on the Bridgewater Canal: Alf Hayman
British Canal History in Perspective: Mike Clarke
Cruising the Llangollen & Shrewsbury Canals, 1939: Captain T Wheeldon
The Canals of England and Wales – The Future They Never Had: Tony Burnip


Waterways Journal - Volume 02

Spring 2000:

The Bridgewater Canal and its links with Staffordshire: Alf Hayman
Revisiting some aspects of Horseboating: Tony Lewery
A brief history of the River Weaver: Tony Hirst
Early steam tugs on the Birmingham & Liverpool Junction Canal: Terry Kavanagh


Waterways Journal - Volume 03

Spring 2001:

Severn Carriers in the Railway Age: Hugh Conway-Jones
A Lifetime of Friendship with Rose and Joe Skinner: Philip Kidd
The Daresbury of Castle: an eighteenth century Weaver Flat: Edward Paget-Tomlinson
Wooden Barge Building and the Origins of the Narrow Boat: Mike Clarke


Waterways Journal - Volume 04

Spring 2002:

Narrow Boats on the Thames: David Blagrove
Carrying Craft on the Bridgewater Canal, 1773 – 1974: Alf Hayman
Declining Traffics on Branches of the Shropshire Union Canal: Joseph Boughey


Waterways Journal - Volume 05

Spring 2003:

Wartime Waterways: Mike Clarke
Building Flats at Runcorn: Mike Stammers
Life and Times of a Shroppie Fly-boatman: Terry Kavanagh
Liverpool Docks of the Bridgewater and Mersey & Irwell Navigations: Alf Hayman


Waterways Journal - Volume 06

Spring 2004:

The Puffer – The Ultimate Scottish Canal Boat: Len Paterson
Flats and Flatmen of the Rivers Mersey and Irwell: Terry Kavanagh
The Growth of Shardlow Port: Pat Crecraft
The Early Years of the Douglas Navigation: Mike Clarke


Waterways Journal - Volume 07

Spring 2005:

The Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation, 1888-1947: Mike Taylor
A Tug Towing Flats on the Upper Mersey in the 1930s: Bill Leathwood
The Tunnel Tugs Worcester and Birmingham of the Worcester & Birmingham Canal: Cath Turpin
Early Pleasure Boating on the Shropshire Union Canal: Joseph Boughey