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DVD - Last coal run from Anglesey

DVD from the Sight Seen Partnerships - running time 35 mins.

Recreating a coal run from Anglesey, on the edge of Cannock Chase, to the Black Country.


DVD - Gunnels Under

DVD from the Sight Seen Partnerships - running time 36 mins.

Re-floating a sunken narrow boat.


Amateur Boatwomen

The Amateur Boatwomen is the fifth in the ‘Working Waterways’ series, and describes the life of one of the women who trained all-women canal boat crews during the Second World War. First published in 1973, this paperback edition contains extra text and illustrations.


Anderton for Orders

By Tom Foxon

This is the first book in Tom’s Foxon’s trilogy - following volumes are "Number One" and Following the Trade"


Arteries of Commerce - Grand Union Canal

This hardback book contains a plan of the Grand Union Canal Company's system with sectional plans locating waterside business premises, the Canal Transport's Charter, a schedule of carriers, lightermen and boat owners, and the Regent's Canal dock plan.



By Alan H Faulkner

The story of Samuel Barlow Coal Co, S E Barlow and Blue Line CCC.

The 15th book in the Robert Wilson series.
Published 1986.

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Boater's Guide to Boating

By Chris Deuchar

"This book is a revised, and much expanded, version of a series of articles which first appeared in the newsletter of the Historic Narrow Boat Owners Club. It is not a rewrite of that which appears in many other books on boating techniques, but seeks to carry on where they leave off.


Boatyards and Boatbuilding

By Robert J Wilson

The 5th book in the Robert Wilson series
First published 1974, reprinted 2002.

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Bread upon the Waters

By David Blagrove

David Blagrove descibes the last years of regular narrow-boat traffics on the Grand Union Canal and connecting waterways. He writes with great feeling of the difficulties faced by canal carriers and boatmen in the 1960s, including the ‘great freeze’ of 1962/3.


Canal Boat Cabin Crochet - The Joan Turpin Collection

By Ann Gardiner

"Joan taught herself to crochet and started by making clothes for her young granddaughters. She then learnt to work patterns from charts and to chart her own designs, many of which were copied from photographs of narrow boat back cabins." 

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