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Barges and Bread


by Di Murrell

This book is a history of grain, the river Thames, London and historical events like the Plaque, and bread making, from parched grain to flatbreads, and Ezekiel bread, to how the need to feed the many who live in cities has led to bread which has little relationship to what we once enjoyed without thinking, the kind of bread we now call 'artisan' Di Murrell

Price: £12.50

Waterways Journal - Volume 19


2017: Little Ventured: Little Gained: Dee Navigation Improvement Plans 1836-54 : David Parry. The Patent Slip and Associated Buildings at Ellesmere Port: Hannah Holmes. Steam on the Weaver Navigation: Terry Kavanagh. Holt Abbott - a pioneer in canal cruiser design and hire boat operation: David Brown and Angela Clark. Tilbury - A correction from Richard Thomas. John Wilkinson, his role in the ore trade: Peter Sandbach.

Price: £7.99

Man of Iron


by Julian Glover

Thomas Telford's name is familiar; his story less so. Born in 1757 in the Scottish Borders, his father died in his infancy, plunging the family into poverty. Telford's life soared to span almost eight decades of gloriously obsessive, prodigiously productive energy. Few people have done more to shape our nation.

Price: £20.00

The Trouble with Canals


by John Liley

John Liley has been writing about canals for longer than most of us can remember.  His ever popular Journeys of the Swan was published in 1971.  John’s new book (a long time coming, some would say) looks at the canals in Britain, and to a lesser extent France and the near-Continent.

Price: £19.95

Roses & Castles


by Jane Marshall

Jane Marshall, of the canal oriented Day-Star Theatre, will be well-known to many HNBC members.  She also runs courses on traditional narrow boat decoration, and this book is based on her 20+ years of experience. 

Price: £18.95


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